Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The Blue Zoo at the Swan and Dolphin

Dining is one thing that always forms an integral part of our holiday planning. For both of us, Disney works as such a wonderful holiday destination: not only because of the vast amount of uniquely magical entertainment but also because of its ability to allow you to have pure adult indulgence in the evenings at some of the best restaurants.

We arrived at the BlueZoo directly by boat from the International Gateway, the restaurant is easy to find from the dock. You first see the fantastic cocktail bar with its multi level booths, the bar takes up the entire length of one wall before it turns into the open kitchen area. Upfront at the side of the pass is a huge circular enclosed coal grill with various rotisserie skewer attachments, which are used to skewer whole fish at an angle and slowly roast them over the coals, these are the so called “flying fish” the signature dish of the restaurant. After this is the more formal dining area, with booths along one wall, windows on the other wall looking out over the dock if it was daytime.

We are sat in a table for two which has a wall couch seat and chair, Jackie notes later on to remind her not to sit on the couches as she finds they leave her a little low at the table and unable to sit back. She has to order the flying fish, which the waiter tells her will be whole sea bass. Perfect.

It’s actually served whole and in Jackie’s words is the most heavenly Sea Bass she has ever eaten, moist and flavoursome. It’s served with perfect accompaniments which are a white bean puree and grilled hearts of romaine. An emulsion of lemon and capers has been set into the puree which gives a real lift and bite to the dish.

I would have chosen the same thing, it looked special the moment I saw it when we walked in but I decide to order the Miso Glazed Chilean Sea Bass (a larger meatier fish). This is a fusion cooked affair, something I usually regard with suspicion, but our server describes it well, assures me of it and I take the plunge and order. This is served with warm sesame spinach and pea and mustard tendril salad. ]

The fish is moist and transluscent with just a hint of the miso ( orange being the flavour), the sesame spinach contains more flavours of the east and would be edging over to the sweet side if it was not for the pea tendril salad whose dressing and the heat of those hot little shoots balances it nicely. It’s a dish that when put together works very well, however get the balance wrong, and it could go too sweet. I suppose that’s why fusion cooking can go so chop suey sometimes.

The bar as I mentioned here is vast and the wine list is no exception, with the restaurant winning awards for its wine lists as well as its food..

Taking advantage of the fact (almost) every bottle can be taken by the glass, we decide to try out some local Sauvignons, well as local as California is. To be honest this is a risk as there are perfectly great New Zealand Sauvignons to be had which would be perfect with this meal, but when in Rome. I try a mid priced from the Napa area whilst Jackie tries something from Sonoma. To be honest the Napa is to light and flowery (too much sun in Napa) with not enough acidity to tackle this dish so more Sonoma is ordered. The Sonoma is excellent just the right balance, pure gooseberry delight.

A platter of desserts is offered here which is made up of, sorbet, fig cobbler, vanilla crème,brulee, chocolate raspberry molten cake, lemon cream sponge, strawberry confit and biscottis

2 Lattes finish the meal.

A fantastic meal in all and one I will remember. Over the last few trips we seem to be exhausting all of the dining in WDW whilst trying never to revisit places. Our next trip in April will require us to start re visiting favourites, I would put this down as a definite.

Total cost inc tip $150.00

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