Friday, March 10, 2006

Jiko at AKL

Animal Kingdom Lodge's Jiko Restaurant
We always try the deluxe resort's restaurants even if we can't afford to stay there! So Jiko was a must. We arrived especially early to look around and were not disappointed, it was only just dark and the animals were out in force on the hotel's Savannah: Antelopes, giraffes and zebras abounded.
J had: To start, cucumber, tomato and red onion salad with arugula( rocket) and cottage cheese, dressed or should I say 'drowned' by watermelon vinaigrette which was ok. For main I had: Malay Shrimp Curry with small potatoes, artichokes, tomatoes,peas and onions. To be honest the shrimp was too overpowered by the heat of the curry for my palate.
D had for appetizer: Duck and pork Firecrackers which he said were decidedly under seasoned and uninspiring. For his main: Seared Jumbo Scallops with mealie pap and spicy tomato onion chakalaka, which in Dan's opinion was not a good combo, too acidic. We swapped dishes and enjoyed our excellent South African Sauvignon Blanc which always helps! Pud for J of course , in fact we shared a Pistaccio Creme Brulee and Cappuccini.The bill was $ 150 inc tax and tip.
We would re visit but will try entirely different dishes.


    Susan said...

    Sorry that the food was somewhat disappointing, but appreciate your honest appraisal. Must say your photos made it all look delicious. My one experience at Jiko was very good. I suppose the only way to be sure a first impression of a restaurant is true--good or bad--is to eat there a second time (or third or fourth!) However, at those prices you do want to be reasonably sure you'll have something you'll enjoy. Don't know how much assurance this would be for you, but I do plan to eat at Jiko again the first chance I get.

    Karen said...

    Great review! we had a fantastioc meal foodwise at Jiko, though the service was really sub par. I would definitely go there again, and I agree with Dan's comment about the scallop combination being a little acidic.

    KayleeUK said...

    Pudding sounded good :-)

    Henry said...

    Head chef has changed this year though the menu is pretty much the same .. Service though still remains a weak point for Jiko IMHO

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