Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Bice at Portofino Universal

We took the water taxi from RPR to BICE, the resort is so beautifully lit at night, changing boats at City walk, we saw the Portofino boat pulling out- d’oh! and were slightly late for our 8pm reservation. No problem, we were immediately seated in the back half of the room, which was half full but became busier (and noisier) as the night progressed. Bice has been open since January 2005 and is obviously frequented by many Italian-American families, so if it’s good enough for them….

Our gorgeous waiter, Francesco was from Naples (and here's a pic of me with him) he was very helpful and told us about the menu. They don’t have a specials board as that week’s fresh produce dictates the menu.

I started with the Tri colour Rocket salad, nice and light, just right, followed by the halibut with capers, this was perfectly prepared with a crispy top but still very moist, I would have liked more capers as it was quite a large portion of fish!

Dan had the Carpaccio of beef starter and the biggest buffalo fillet for main course. This was served with creamed potatoes and a cab.-sauv. gravy. He declared it to be the best steak ever, perfectly cooked rare and well seasoned with good texture to the meat.

I had to have a pud as usual and had saved a small corner for Panna cotta with berries, ooh-la-la! Or should that be bella! This was speckled with vanilla seeds and the berries were a perfect accompaniment.

Dan had the semi fredo (like Jamie Oliver makes) it was beautifully light and fresh tasting with a lemon creme anglaise.

We shared a bottle of Californian Pinot Noir and finished with two coffees. The bill totalled $220 inc tax+tip, this was the only place to add a service charge of 15% (when we usually tip 20% )The air con was a little too icy for me but we had the most perfect meal and service was faultless.
We definitely recommend!

Jackie & Dan xx


Danny and Jackie said...

It may have been the best steak ever at the time.. Though this was before we had eaten at Shulas

Debbie Churchill said...

Whilst Bice would have appealed to me in the normal course of events, I've never really come to terms with the closure of Delfino Riviera (one of the best restaurants in the area despite plenty of very stiff competition).

However, having read your review, maybe it's time to let bygones be bygones and give it a chance!

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