Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Cinderellas Royal Table

This was a lunch that in retrospect should have been planned a little better. We seemed to time arriving at MK from AK in the middle of a parade and boy was the MK busy.. Anyway we arrived some 20mins late from our PS time though this caused no problems with the CM who took us straight into the Throne Room Lobby.. The Lobby is actually very busy and I have visions that we will be left here a while as we turned up late. However Lord Danny and Lady Jackie are gonged, announced and seated in a nice window seat overlooking Fantasy Land within 5 mins.

Jackie chooses the Prime Rib Royal Pie with Cabernet Gravy which comes with a beautiful selection of fresh vegetables and I order the Prime Rib Steak Rare which comes with Mashed Potatoes. The menu is quite limited being mainly Prime Rib, or variations on Club Sandwiches but the food is adequate, The Beef in Jackies pie is well braised and very tender whilst my Prime Steak is nice and tender despite being beautifully rare, its also nicely seasoned.

For Puddings Jackie orders an Apple Bread custard, kind of a cross between Bread and butter pudding and apple turnover and I have the Creme Brulee which is rather strange with a thickly textured custard under the caramel, still its quite tasty.

The Magic Kingdom is completely dry. If theres ever a day where a relaxing glass of wine would come in handy it's today; as I look out of the window at the shoulder to shoulder crowds in Fantasy Land

Jackie has an Orange Juice with her meal and I opt for one of Cinderellas Egg Nog smoothies which is so thick it may as well be a dessert , still you get a souvenier glass.

The Ambience is rather loud but then its lunch time and this is the Magic Kingdom so there are lots of children dining.

The entertainment is provided by a party of Americans to our Left who are being taken out for a meal by a friend. This friend sends his bill back at least 6 times to query things much to the embarrasment of his party who in the end get up and leave him on his own. When its finally sorted by a different Cast Member, (the original girl having given up trying to explain the bill to him) the guy then seems to have difficulty understanding how to pay, perhaps he thought food was included in the admission price to the park, who knows?

Anyway good basic hearty food in a nice unique setting, with points removed for not having decent beverage choices. If your gonna be dry fine, but who on earth wants to drink sugary pop with a meal. The bill came to $75 inc tip and two extra cappucini. 7 out of 10.

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