Monday, October 08, 2007

Shula's at the Dolphin WDW

There's something about Shula's that simply makes my mouth water at the very thought of eating there. How many times will you visit forums and see that inevitable old question , where can I get the best steak? I hardly ever see Shula's on the list and I can only put this down to the fact its probably considered a trifle expensive. But boy if you want the best, you pay for the best. The restaurant has a fantastic atmosphere starting with the dark wood panelling and the mysterious little side rooms. It reminds me of an old gentleman's club in London.

It's actually hidden down a rather bland corridor off the main harbour entrance to the Dolphin and sits in the centre of the building which explains the lack of windows. Inside you are greeted by ladies in the inevitable short black cocktail dress and serving staff in white jackets. One of the chefs (say hi) is a local guy, meaning he's from Lancashire so he should know his beef. If this is your first visit to Shula's your waiter will give you an introduction to why Shula's is so special with the aid ofa few props from the beef trolley. This is serious beef, it would be a sin to order anything else. Basically you can order several different cuts at several different weights. This is all purebred Aberdeen Angus but its not just any Aberdeen Angus, the breed is their own and is raised in Albany, Georgia. All cuts are centre cuts only and put basically, it's the top 1% of beef cooked to your specification. more info click here. .

The explanation and introduction to this, given by your waiter, is almost a dinner show in itself. Jacqueline opted for the classic Fillet in a green peppercorn sauce ,whilst I went for the robust cowboy steak still on the bone with its beautiful marbling. Whilst I would class this as fine dining one thing is for sure, the steak is the star of the show, side dishes and presentation are secondary issues, though the spinach and twice baked jacket potato is heavenly. Your steaks are brought to you and you will be asked to cut into them where upon the waiter will produce a maglite ( it's quite dark in there) and ask if it has been cooked to your liking. Words fail me to be honest, how do you describe beef on this level except to say for an hour or so you will be in heaven. We chose a fantastic Zinfandel which was a bargain in the Bin Ends and have now re visited to find that it's still as good as we first thought.

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