Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Chefs du France EPCOT

Again this was booked 90days ago as a PsS and as I mentioned earlier I'm so relieved to find they know who we are and have us seated within 5mins.. In fact on this entire holiday we had no probs with any PS bookings and I was never asked for a PS number once despite faithfully carrying them around with me..
I had made one mistake here though, apparantly I should have gone to the Americans gardens theatre kiosk earlier in the day to pick up our Candlelight Procession Package Badges; but it was no problem as the CM Sebastian rang up just to confirm it was still there.
The Package basically allowed us to pick anything from the menu apart from the Lobster for which a Surcharge would be added.
The Ambiance in here is quite brightly lit, and its a huge restaurant, far bigger than it looks from the outside. It was also full and the noise level was quite high. We did notice that a lot of the restaurants seem to have little or nothing in the way of curtains and as Americans seem to talk rather loudly anyway the noise has no way of being difused or absorbed. We got a nice window seat although that did actually make Jackie feel a little colder as the evening wore on.
For Starters Danny had the L Escargot which came traditionally in parsley and hot butter. Bsically I would describe the texture as very similar to the larger green lipped NZ mussels. It made for a nice warming starter.

Jackie had a beautiful Salad of Roqufort Cheese on Endive lettuce. The cheese was absolutely delicious just the perfect amount off sharpness mingled in with its creamy texture.It was dressed in a mild basamic dressing with lambs leaf and walnut garnish.

For the main course I chose a hearty stew to make sure I could survive the cold outdoor theatre for the Candlelight Procession. I love these provencale style stews and this one of Haricot Beans, Diced Lamb, Spicy Sausage and slow braised Pork Belly was delicious and nicely seasoned if a little filling.

Jackie had a fillet of red snapper, Pan fried and served on a ravioli of crab meat with a parsley tomato and olive oil dressing. This was nice and light and delicious.

We washed this down with a nice bottle of d'oc merlot and finished the meal with a delicious creme brulee for jack, nice and wet under the caramel with plenty of real vanilla in the custard and some profiteroles for me which though nice, were a little to large a portion for me to finish.
I'll have to re check on the price as this was pre paid as part of the package and all that was left to do was tip Sebastian.
All in all 8/10

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