Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Coral Reef at Epcot

This Restaurant is very similar in style and ambience to the Sharks Underwater Grill at Sea World. What does make a huge difference to the atmosphere here was the extra attention and information we recieved from the CM who explained a lot about the tank, the fish and the most recent additions to the tank.

The Restaurant is once again rather dark to give a good view into the tanks and is decorated in a sort of Gaudi, Barcelona Mosaic style.

As well as a menu you are also given an information sheet to help you identify the fish in the tank.

Jackie ordered Blue Crabcakes for a starter which was served on a bed of spiced crushed Parsnips, the amount of spice was ideal not overpowering the delicate crab.

Danny had the Clam Chowder which was again nicely spiced and most importantly full of easily identifiable pieces of seafood and not just a grey soup.

Jackie for the main course chose the Cornish Baby Hen which was perfectly cooked and moist, this came on a bed of mashed potatoes with a quite strong redcurrent jus, there was just slightly too much of this quite strong sauce on the dish.

Danny chose the CMs recommendation of the blackened Catfish, this was out of this world and the blackening process is something I will be looking into applying to my own cooking. It gives a light crunch to the outside of the fillet of fish with just a little bite of Southern spices. It was Served on a bed of Grits which were a perfect match to this dish along with spicy tomatoes and a balsamic dressing that went great with both the toms and the grits.

We did not have a desert here as our Candlelight Package was at 6.00pm.
We washed it all down with a lovely bottle of Californian 2003 Zinfandel though from the Sonoma area rather than Napa. This was perfect for both dishes as the wine itself has a peppery finish and was nicely warming for what was a cold day.

Total Cost was $108.00 inc tip
Overall 8.5 out of 10

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