Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Mythos Universal IoA

We arrived at the Mythos restaurant at 1.00pm for our PS and were given a pager and seated within 15mins.. This a nicely styled and themed restaurant though its not as OTT on the inside as it is on the outside, It would be lovely on a nice warm day to sit on the terrace. We had a seat in the front section on a table for two which gave a view into the kitchen area and the pass. The whole restaurant's interior design had been inspired by HR Gigers Alien work, with a very organic rounded style.

We did not order starters again as we have a table booked at 9.00pm for the California Grill in the Contemporary Hotel, however we ordered a side of Asian spiced Chicken Wings(dan did)
Danny Ordered the Mahi Mahi with deep fried plantain on a bed of cheese flavoured grits and a sweet balsamic dressing. It was beautiful with lovely moist thick pieces of fish,

In fact the pieces of fish were thicker than expected and it was probably overkill to order a side of chicken wings, these were very nice and not too hot and spicy. Though I seem to remember the red chili sauce on the side of the plate was quite deadly
Jackie ordered a more traditional coq au vin which was excellent, nice and moist and a deep flavoured sauce full of tiny onions and mushrooms, this was served perfectly with some double mashed potatoes to soak up the sauce. Accompanied by a Sonoma Zinfandel, nice and spicy.

Jack had cheesecake with cherries, deep fried affair I think but not too heavy, Very nice.See pic.

Dan had Kalua flavoured creme brulee, nice. Two coffees rounded it off.Totalling $115 inc tip. 8/10
This reveiew was from the Christmas 04 trip and since then the menu in Mythos has undergone significant changes. The menu choices are now rather pathetic compared to what used to be available.

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